48 Hr Books serves the professional publishing and self-publishing community. We operate a global print network and serve internationally. We make it easy to upload your content and within 48 hrs a professionally printed, designed and perfect bound book is shipped to our customers.
Authors keep all the rights to their publication.Plenty of help is available on the way from pre-designed covers to custom cover design, editing services and of course real support from our customer service center during our business hours.
We pride ourselves on straightforward, timely service and always put our customers first.

Our Mission Statement:
“To provide authors with the fastest high-quality books available anywhere, at a reasonable price and make the process as easy as possible for our customers. We aim to earn customer loyalty for life, and encourage them to recommend us to other authors.
hardback and paperback books, photo books, travel books, cookbooks, year books, family history books, poetry books, Anthology and The Great American Novel

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