Our Youngest Author

25 Jan

When did Elyssa first start writing stories?

Elyssa has been making up stories since she started speaking. She has a great imagination and she makes up songs and stories. She did not know how to write, so her first story was transcribed and illustrated by her sister, Elisha. It was about an Iguana that was afraid of the dark.

That is so cute! Tell us about the book. What is it about?

The book is a compilation of Elyssa’s illustrations. She started drawing these to inspire other children and let them know they can be anything they want to be:

Painter                                          Hair Stylist
Gardener                                      Rock Star
Military Officer                           Chef
Cake Decorator                           Doctor
Ballerina                                      Teacher
Yoga Instructor                          Writer
Lifeguard                                     Lawyer
Zoo Keeper                                  Beauty Queen
Golfer                                           Astronaut
…and more!

What made you want to publish Elyssa’s book?

Elyssa wanted to become a published author and requested this for her 7th birthday. I was not planning to sell the book, but she posted how happy she was on her Facebook page and so the requests to buy the book started pouring in. I set up a website and the rest is history!

How did you set about publishing the book? Did anyone help you?

I helped Elyssa put it together. Of course, the staff at 48hr books is always so darling and helpful. They were there for me when I had any questions.  I self published “Social Media Success Made Possible” with 48hr Books, as well.
One of my best friends, Syed, also contributed with image editing. This was his birthday present for her.

A percentage of the proceeds from Elyssa’s book will be donated to The Positive Mommy Foundation to support mothers in need worldwide.

Tell us about The Positive Mom Foundation and how the book integrates with it.

Our-Mission                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The Positive Mom Foundation is dedicated to raise awareness, provide education, training, tools, resources, advocacy and support for mothers worldwide to improve their lives and raise their children in a positive environment that allows them to reach their potential toward a fulfilling, successful and happy life.

Our outreach
Parenting Guidance         Motivation            Education & Career
Crisis Support                   Relationships        Health and Wellness
Legal Services                    Financial Counseling

…and much more!

My personal motto is our guiding principle:  “You can’t share what you don’t have.” The Positive Mom Foundation serves as an advocate to educate, enlighten, and empower moms worldwide to become what they wish to see in their children. The Positive Mom Foundation is a place to share, learn, grow and have fun, working together towards a legacy of joy and love.
Are there any books in the works for you or Elyssa?

I am writing “The Mom Principles – A Guide to Raising Positive Kids” and both Elisha and Elyssa are working on the illustrations. The illustrations reflect the girls’ understanding of the principles, so it is really wonderful for me not only to see their artistic talent, but also their perspective. They are very excited with the project and believe in it as much as I do.  It’s a family affair!

You must be so proud Congratulations Elayna, Elisha and Elyssa. What an amazing family you are!

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